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Antique Buddha statues for sale


Large Ayutthaya Bronze Buddha

Huge Gilded Bronze Standing Ayutthaya Buddha.This Buddha is dressed in monks robes and has raised  right hand in abhaya mudra, the gesture of reassurance. The style is of the kingdom of Ayutthaya 16th century but this one has been made in the Mid 20thC. A really good statement piece for home or garden project.

Size 100cm Tall

Price £775 With Free Uk Shipping



19thc Standing Ayutthaya Bronze Buddha

Early 19thC Standing Bronze Ayutthaya Buddhha mounted on a wooden black lacquered stand which is contempory to the figure. The Sculpture is gilded in gold leaf and has a realy nice look. There are many old fine fractures in the bronze which doen not distract from the item. A nice Buddha bought from an old Uk collection.

Size 46cm Tall

Price £425 with free Uk Shipping




19thC Rock Crystal Genesha

Large 19thc Rock Crystal Genesha well carved with some flaws and ware to the base as expected. A nice example. From a recent collection we bought in.

Size 78mm Tall

Price £195 with Free Uk Shipping.



19thc Wood Thai Seated Buddha

19thC Thai seated Buddha in carved hardwood gilded with gold leaf and finished of with a lacquer altar. There is some slight damage to the right eye where is has been burnt with an incence stick most likely. We can undertake free restoration if reqiured.

Size 160mm Tall

Price £185 With Free Uk Shipping



Late 18thC Thai Buddha

Nice Quality Late 18thC Thai Buddha Sculpture hand carved from wood and finished in Gold leaf, the high altar is in a nice red/brown lacquer. The  eyes aer made from shell and the buddha has a nice smile. There is lots of old termite damage to the base which adds to the look but this is not visable from the outward apperance. This Buddha has a realy good feel and lots of charm.

Size 30cm Tall

Price £320 with Free Uk/Eu Shipping




Hariphunchai Buddha in Bronze.

Hariphunchai Buddha in Bronze c1920 with good overall patination.Bought with a recent collection.

Size 20cm Tall

Price £215 with Free Uk shipping



20thC Bronze Sukhothai Buddha

This beautiful mid 20thC Bronze Sukhothai Buddha is in the earth touching gesture. The Sukhothai style is the most popular style associated with Lord Buddha in Thailand. It is a classic representation of the Buddha. This example has a freize of grotesque heads around the base. Well cast example with a matt black/grey patination and some ware in places with feint traces of gold. There are three things that immediately identify the Sukhothai Buddha: Firstly the flame shaped ushnisa emerging top of the head of the Buddha. Next the hooked nose, high curving highbrows, and long stretched earlobes from wearing heavy earrings from his princely youth. Lastly a head full of tight curls, which look like snails shells.  The hair line of the Buddhas forehead is arched.

Size 45cm Tall

Price £875 with Free Uk shipping.



Sukhothai Walking Buddha in Bronze

,SOLDA superb quality late 18th early 19thC Bronze Sukhothai walking Buddha with exellent excavated patination. This pose depicts the Buddha walking after his enlightenment and is mounted on a hardwood base. This Buddha has a beautiful smile on his face radiating compassion and harmony with the world. This sculpture has seashell shaped curls on his head and large flame finial extending towards the heavens.  The Buddha hand position is in the vitarka mudra explaining to his devotees the Buddhist dharma. The vitarka mudra is a gesture of discussion and debate. It indicates communication and an explanation of the Dharma. The tips of the thumb and index finger touch, forming a circle. All other fingers are extended upwards. From an old Uk collection.

Size 33cm Tall overall 38cm Tall

Price £395 Free Uk Shipping.SOLD





Ratanokosin Monk Sculpture in Bronze.

20thC Bronze Seated Ratanokosin Monk Sculpture well cast with nice detail and colour. Hollow cast and very gracefull. Would look good seated next to a Ratanokosin Buddha. 

Size 24cm Tall

Price £325 Free Uk Shipping.



Museum Quality 15th - 16thC Bronze Buddha

A Wonderfull Museum Quality Antique Bronze Buddhist sculpture which ticks all the right boxes. Its got it all, Age, Good Form, Exellent Patination, Serene Face, Traces of old gilding. An inscription, and from an old French collection. The Bronze Buddha is seated on a high three tiered altar and the top section takes the form of a boat like structure. The lower section has three 28cm lines of Ancient Lanna script in a dark lacquer. We have had this text translated by the Lanna Folklife Museum,Chiang Mai Thailand and they have put this Buddha sculpture as 400-500 years old from the late Mang-Rai Third Period. The Buddha is seated cross legged in Bhumisparsha Mudra and the sculpture has a real presence and air of calmness. The thumb on the left hand has an old break and a tiny section of the tip is missing, you can only just notice it. This is a heavy bronze casting and the clay casting core is missing. There is a belief that when these sacred sculptures were made precious stones like Rubys and Emeralds would be secreted in the clay casting core. People over the years have dug into the cores of the original old sculptures looking for valuable treasure inside. This wonderfull Buddha is of the highest quality and a good investment piece. Translation Reads...

 Maha Ubataeka Tura Sattha - had this Buddha image made to enshrine Buddhism for 5000 years and to give me enlightenment like the Lord Buddha.

Size 45cm Tall

Price £5500 with Free Uk/Eu Delivery






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