19thC Parsvanatha Jain Sculpture

//19thC Parsvanatha Jain Sculpture

Size 110cm Tall

Price £2150 with Free UK Delivery

A Fine 19thC Parsvanatha Jain Sculpture in Grey/Black hard stone. Carved with great precision and skill with a fine polished surface.There is good patination along some old dirt which we have not removed. An interesting large piece. This statue appeared in the film after party for Holly Smoke featuring Kate Winslet at the Emporium Leicester.

Jainism is the least well known of India’s traditional religions yet has an ancestry that antedates Buddhism and rivals Hinduism in its claim to be India’s oldest continuously practised faith. Its modern historical founder is Mahavira, a near contemporary of the Buddha Shakyamuni.
This image the Parsvanatha with seven-hooded naga cobra canopy, standing in kayotsarga pose.
The veneration of the 24 Jinas is the most significant devotional focus in Jainism. These perfected-beings serve as role models to guide the faithful on the proper path to liberation from the endless cycles of rebirth.
Parsvanatha, the 23rd Jina, was a great teacher said to have lived in the 8th century BC. He is recognised by the seven-hooded Naga cobra canopy over his head; his beneficial association with serpents parallels that of the Buddha. This fine sculpture is going to my home until it sells so please ask if you wish to view it in the showroom.