11th – 12thC Burmese Clay Amulet 5

//11th – 12thC Burmese Clay Amulet 5

Size 12cm x 10cm

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Burmese Buddhist Votive Plaque [requires carefull cleaning],showing the seated Buddha in the Mahabodhi temple,from Bodhgaya. 11th – 12th Century.

These Votive plaques show the seated Buddha below the tower of the Mahabodhi with branches of the Bodhi tree radiating from each side like flames. The Buddhist creed is given across the bottom.
The temple in the votive plaque is shown  surrounded by small stupas just as it is today. These sort of stupas are found in great numbers at most Buddhist sites in Eastern India.
Some of these stupas like the terracotta plaques were given as votive offerings,that is given to a holy sites for religious merit.
Many small stupas held ash deposits of monks,nuns and lay followers. Bought from a large collection of Burmese artefacts that i acquired from a retired British diplomat.