Burmese 19thC Bronze Narrative Votive Sculpture.01

//Burmese 19thC Bronze Narrative Votive Sculpture.01

Size 16cm Tall


19thC Burmese bronze Buddhist teaching Shrine. Made from bronze and covered with black lacquer. This one is known as Buddha’s first words.I am the lord of the world this is my last birth.There will be no further birth for me. White lotus blossom grew from the ground under his feet.Queen Maya his mother is shown holding the sala tree giving birth to the Bodhisattva from her right side. She is surrounded by the kings of heaven,Indra & Brama.  Information taken from Burmese Buddhist Sculpture a book showing the John Mogar collection.This is one of the items we bought from a retired British diplomat who worked in Rangoon.We have located the two missing figures and re fixed them.